Wireless Mic Rentals is a division of our parent Audio Visual company Beamworks, Inc Located in Tampa, FL.

After years of producing corporate meetings and trade shows around the US, we found the need for wireless microphones to be provided in large quantities for an affordable price.  After being short a microphone or two on an event, we couldn’t believe we would be charged $150-$300 per day to rent another microphone and we think others feel the same way.

Whether conducting a Business Meeting with multiple rooms, a Theatrical Production, School Play or Church Event, budgets are still a concern.  We have found a way to provide quality equipment at an affordable price while being able to ship Nationwide. 

Beamworks has been in the Audio Visual industry since 1999 and we have been shipping wireless microphones around the country since 2011.  We have perfected it, we are good at it and our customers agree.