Wireless Microphone System

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Lo Profile Wireless Headset

$95 Per Unit |  Per Week

Discrete earset provides freedom of movement. Omni-Directional. Excellent pick up and sound quality.


Wireless Handheld System

$65 Per Unit | Per Week

Provides mobility and can be passed from person to person.  Song, speech, corporate events and many other applications.


Wireless Communication

$65 Per Unit | Per Week

Stage Managers, Tech Directors and AV techs all need to communicate during your event. Wireless communication allows for a simple and reliable way for this to happen. 


Lo Profile Theatrical Wig Lavalier Mic

$95 Per Unit | Per Week

Easily hidden in hair/costumes or glued on performers' faces in film, theater and broadcast. 


Sennheiser IEM In-Ear Monitor System

$95 Per Unit | Per Week

Amazing audio quality for on-stage performers or broadcast industry listenting device.


Lo Profile Lavalier / Wig Microphone

Already have your own Sennheiser wireless systems but want to upgrade your unit. We have you covered.   Low Profile Microphones are $30 Week. 


Standard Wireless Lavalier

$65 Per Unit | Per Week

Clips to clothing for hands free use. Great sound quality with discrete visibility.


Wireless Antenna Distribution System

$200 Per 8 Units | Per Week

Strengthen and amplify your wireless signal with an antenna distribution system.


Wireless Standard Headset System

$65 Per Unit | Per Week

Headset designed for song, speech, theatrical performances and many other applications.



Lo Profile Headset Microphone

Already have your own Sennheiser wireless system but want to upgrade your unit.  We have you covered. Low Profile Microphones are $30 Week. 

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Wireless Mic Rentals is a division of Beamworks, Inc out of Tampa, FL. We exist to provide wireless microphone solutions around the country to schools, churches, theatres, schools and other organizations that cannot afford the highly inflated prices around the country.